Makeup og Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 423

You might be wondering, “So what in tarnation is this Monday Poll thing anyway!?”

Vel, det er ikke akkurat en meningsmåling. Det er mer av en stadig utviklende (devolving?), Noe tilfeldig liste over spørsmål jeg har satt til leserne hver mandag morgen for de siste åtte (!) Årene. (Det er som en kickstart for hjernen din.) Jeg har alltid hatt glede av å lese svarene dine i kommentarene, og jeg håper du liker å lese min.

When was the last time you went all out with your makeup?
I think it’s been about two weeks… Or has it been three? funny how time gets all mushy when you’re doing hard time in baby jail.

I did a bright blue lid with warm browns in the crease. Foundation, concealer, brows, lashes and lips (frame the face!). It was the most elaborate eye makeup I’d worn since pre-Connor.

I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror either. I was like, that can’t be me because she doesn’t look like a freshly turned zombie (it was me though).

What was the last goofy thing you did?
Dude! Every single day of my life is a series of goofy things strewn together one after another! The last one involved a song which I sang to Connor while I changed her diaper. It included various silly references to poop.

When was the last time you checked a social network, and which one was it?
It was Facebook about 20 minutes ago. I watched a video about how people don’t interact with each other as much anymore due to smartphones…and then I thought about how funny it would be to be watching this video on my phone in a public place while not interacting with anybody.

How do you feel about full-coverage foundation?
Different now than I did a few months ago. I think full coverage looks great in photographs, and I like to wear full coverage for pics, but it’s a lot of look for everyday life. At least, lately for me, but this has been a relatively recent development. I haven’t been wearing a lot of makeup lately, and I’ve started getting accustomed to seeing myself without it.

Even so, in the times I have put on a little extra makeup over the past few weeks, I felt like I was wearing a ton.

Does that make any sense at all?

Anyway, I go through phases like this every once in a while. They usually last a few months, and then I’m back to doing the full-coverage thing.

Should you trust your instincts?
Ja alltid! because whenever my gut is telling me to do something, or not do something, and I don’t go with my gut, it always comes back to bite me in the butt.

Your gut knows… That’s all I’m saying.


Din tur. Bare kopier og lim inn følgende spørsmål til en kommentar med svarene dine. Jeg gleder meg til å lese dem!

1. When was the last time you went all out with your makeup?
2. What was the last goofy thing you did?
3. When was the last time you checked an online social network and which one was it?
4. how do you feel about full-coverage foundation?
5. should you trust your instincts?


Have a wonderful week, my friend. may fortune smile upon you.

Din vennlige nabolag skjønnhetsavhengige,


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