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As you may know, I’m leaving soon for a 2 week holiday to Japan! You people can’t even picture the enjoyment of preparing a buying listing for freakin’ Japan!

Before Korean cosmetics took the world by storm, Japanese makeup was the primary Oriental makeup game in town. I keep in mind pouring over on the internet resources to discover about the different Japanese brands as well as subsidiaries (Kanebo, Shiseido, Kose as well as Sana own the lion’s share of brands – Shiseido has so lots of sub-brands, it’s difficult to keep them straight), and putting lots of orders on the internet for Japanese cosmetics. Now, I lastly get to see this stuff firsthand!

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I’m not going to listing out all the certain products I plan to buy, since I don’t truly understand yet! however I’ll listing out stores, brands as well as products that I’ll be on the look out for:


Our hotel in Tokyo is in the Shinjuku area which is understood for one thing: shopping!  So we’ll be ideal in the heart of all the major Japanese department stores. The other major area for buying is in Shibuya which we’ll likewise visit. right here are some stores I will be making a point to stop into:

• Ainz&Tulpe – this is a appeal store similar to Sephora or Ulta. The Shinjuku place is relatively new as well as obviously rather spectacular.

• @cosmestore – one more shop that focuses only on beauty, they have some standalone stores however also shop-in-shops, inside Lumine as well as Marui department stores.
• Isetan – I heard on IG that this store’s service is top notch! They bring three as well as RMK.
• Odakyu – brings RMK, SK-II, Shu Uemura, Suqqu, Paul & Joe

• Drugstores: Matsumoto KiYoshi, Seijo, HAC – however I’ll mainly be hanging out at these locations considering that I’m not going to go crazy with high-end makeup. I personally believe that the high quality of Japanese drugstore products are method much better than what we get right here in the West.

• Daiso – this is the Japanese version of a dollar store (or 100 yen store, ¥100 is approx $1.20 CAD). For a inexpensive store, they offer well designed, respectable high quality variety of house ware, cosmetics as well as stationary. I’ve been to 3 Daiso stores so far: Vancouver, San Fran as well as Hong Kong. now I get to go to the mom ship!

• Don Quijote – speaking of cheap, I want to inspect out this self proclaimed “Palace of extreme Cheapness”. They offer all type of whacky stuff as well as I checked out that you can get a pack of 7 masks for less than $4 CAD!
• Muji – even though we do now have Muji in Toronto, it doesn’t bring the full variety of products. I’ve checked out Muji in Hong Kong as well as they bring colour cosmetics. There isn’t anything in specific that I’m seeking out however I will likely pick up at least ONE thing!

• Uniqlo – Not makeup however clothing; this is the Japanese version of the Gap! I’ve been to the Uniqlo store in Hong Kong as well as stocked up on great deals of basics. obviously this brand will be pertaining to Toronto as well.

• Tokyu Hands – likewise not makeup – this is like the Japanese version of a Michaels craft as well as pastime store! I question exactly how much yarn as well as beads I can cram into my suitcase?


There are so lots of cosmetics brands in Japan, it’s type of difficult to keep track of them all! I discover the general high quality of Japan-made makeup to be truly high, so it generally boils down to packaging as well as colour selection.


• Visée, InteGrate and Media – I don’t understand much about these brands except that they’re subs of Kose, Shiseido as well as Kanebo respectively, as well as rather affordable. I will make a point of getting at least one product from each brand – I’ve heard Visée eye shadows are good.

• Lavshuca – is one more sub-brand of Kanebo . I own an eyeshadow quad from them which expense me less thatn $10 as well as I truly like the quality.
• KATE – I’ve tried a few things from this brand as well as the standout product has been their stick concealer. I truly like the basic packaging (reminds me of Bobbi Brown) as well as general product quality. I want to try a lipstick next.
• Majolica Majorca – drugstore brand had by Shiseido. They have princess-y packaging as well as I own eye shadows from the brand already. They likewise make fantastic mascaras. Not sure what I’d want from this brand however I understand I will absolutely discover something.

• CanMake – this is a bit bit as well cutesy for my liking – a lot of of their products are sparkly. Their blushers with the bit puffs are wonderful looking as well as I’ve heard their cream blushers are cult favourites. I’ll see if I’m in the mood for incredibly girly stuff.
• Dolly Wink – this brand is understood for their liners. I’ve tried the liquid liner as well as wasn’t as well pleased (it was watery as well as wasn’t that long wearing) so I may pass on this.

Mid range:

• MAQuillAGE – my old HG lash curler was from MAQuillAGE – it’s one more Shiseido sub-brand – however I’ve not tried anything else from them so I’m curious to see what else they offer, perhaps a lipstick (based on reviews, I am believing their remarkable Melting Rouge is similar to the Shiseido best Rouge lipstick).
• Coffret D’or – I don’t understand why however I type of correspond this brand with old woman (like Elizabeth Arden). A great deal of their packaging has bling on it.

• Esprique, Ettusais, and Lunasol – I don’t understand much about these brands either except that they have quite packaging as well as are normally well examined online. Lunasol reminds me of Clarins as well as Ettusais is a bit Clinique-esque. I seem to ignore mid-range Japanese brands for some reason.

High end:

• Shu Uemura as well as Paul & Joe – I utilized to be truly consumed with Shu Uemura however considering that it’s so easily offered here, I likely won’t seek it out. Unless there’s some Japan-exclusive items. exact same with P&J.
• Jill Stuart – I don’t truly comprehend why this American brand is so prominent in Japan however essentially has no existence in north america (kind of similar to Anna Sui in this regard). Her packaging is whimsical however they include a large cost tag. I’m not truly drawn to the aesthetics of the line however I will take a gander if I come across it.

• addiction – there’s an eyeshadow that has been on my desire listing for years, called Flash Back (#69). I just owe it to myself to lastly get this already.
• SUQQU – ah, the utmost in high-end as made prominent by Lisa Eldridge. An eye shadow quad costs ¥8,800 which at present conversion rate, is $105 CAD. To put that into perspective, a Tom Ford quad costs $80 USD, which is approximately $100 CAD. The popular cheek clean is ¥16,200 (~$190 CAD )

• three – it’s somewhat more affordable than Suqqu (a quad is ~$70 CAD) – I likely won’t get anything from this brand, I just want to look around at their counter.
• RMK – reminds me of Shu Uemura however a lot more expensive. A lipstick is ~$50

I mainly provided colour makeup brands – there are likewise tons of brands that focus on skincare like Allie, Sekkisei, Sofina, SK-II, Anessa, Albion, DHC, Haba, Rohto, Fancl…! Ahhh… head explode. But, I’m believing that I likely won’t get much skincare considering that they’re heavier to haul back as well as I can buy those on the internet instead.


To me, there are 4 crucial appeal products that I feel the Japanese do much better than any individual else:

1) Brushes – ah the land of gorgeous hand-made brushes… Hakuhodo, Chikuhodo, Koyudo, Suqqu… try as well as stop me from getting a makeup clean in Japan, I attempt you! (and this may get spendy… a Suqqu clean is not completely out of the question! I do all my Japanese clean research study on this blog.)
2) Facial sunscreens – the concept of a long wearing, non-greasy, non-pasty facial sunscreen originated in Japan. I’m considering: Allie additional UV Gel Mineral damp NEO SPF 50+, Anessa best UV Aqua Booster, Biore UV best bright Milk or Shigaisen Yohou UV cream 4+
3) Pen liquid liners – they’ve got the market cornered with waterproof, budge-proof liquid liners. I’ve tried rather a few Japanese liquid liners as well as it’s gotten to the point that I will only wear liners made in Japan.  I’m thinking about trying the integrate feline look liquid liner which is offered in dark brown!
4) Mascaras – these are hardcore curling as well as non-budging mascaras that deal with the bone-straight, length-challenged Oriental lashes. I’m thinking about Heroine Make by Kiss Me volume & Curl, long & Curl, or CanMake Gokubuto Mascara. inspect out this detailed guide!

I’m 100% choosing up a brush, a sunscreen, a liquid liner as well as a mascara!

By no indicates is this an exhaustive listing – those of you who have checked out Japan before or are experienced about Japanese cosmetics – do you have any type of suggestions for me?

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